Welcome to the College Drinker's Check-up Program

What is it?

  • The College Drinker's Check-up (CDCU) is a single session, computer-based brief motivational intervention for heavy drinking college students. It takes a student about 45 minutes to go through it.
  • We developed it as both a Windows application and an Internet-based application. A demo of the web version is below.
  • A more detailed description of the program and details of the license are here.

Is it effective?

  • The short answer is yes. We've evaluated it in two randomized clinical trials with heavy drinking college students. With follow-ups out to 12 months, the reductions in drinking are some of the largest published to date.

Is it available? Yes, now.


Pricing is a recurring annual license fee that depends on the number of students/subscribers and on the degree of customization and client service. Please contact us to discuss in greater detail: info@checkupandchoices.com


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